About Continental Battery

A Legacy of Distributing Power

As a reliable battery distributor since 1932, Continental Battery Co stands on the same principles and ethics it was founded on. Our customer relationships have allowed us to embrace tremendous growth, expanding to over 90 Nationwide Branches and allowing for distribution to over 25,000 dealer locations. Wholesale and retail resources remain our greatest priority! We look forward to serving you for the next century to come!

The Continental Power Distribution Network

With more than 90+ company-owned distribution centers and a network of 25,000+ retail sellers and installers, Continental Battery Co represents a robust national presence that continues to expand. The reason for such growth is largely based on trust and reliability. For close to a century, we have built relationships with our distributors and customers. Year after year, the highest quality products and services continue to engender the highest level of trust.
We know that reliability must be earned and Continental Battery Co is proud that customers and distributors throughout the U.S. honor us with their reliance.

Powered by Reliable Products

Solid growth can only be assured if the products being sold are the most reliable best. Major players in the industry feel confident linking their brand names to Continental Battery Co. Why? Because we have stood the test of time and continue to deliver reliability. With products that earn the respect of industry leaders, Continental Battery Co is a proven name with a golden legacy to match .

The Future Has Never Been Brighter

Continental Battery Co moves forward with a rock-solid future ahead built on the integrity that forged its humble beginning. The principles on which the company was founded are as alive and well today as they were on day one, assuring our customers, employees, and distributors of their immeasurable value. Our success today and our success for the future are assured by the trusted partnerships built over the years. The relationships we create today will represent and inhabit the next generation of Continental Battery Co.